Cosmeline has a simple but proven business plan: Cosmeline’s presence in the domestic and regional market, high quality products with reasonable pricing for the consumer, a product line with a good profit margin and an excellent stock turn ratio, especially for the retailers. All these patterns have been followed in the domestic market and abroad since the first day we began to export.

We also produce custom-made soaps for large order customers, mainly contract suppliers, NGOs, hotels, etc.


In order to meet the international export guidelines, the company has aggressively made the appropiate adjustments and modifications to all the elements concerning exporting. By this action, Cosmeline has demonstrated its desire to partner with its customers and to help meet customer´s goals. The International Sales Department is empowered to ensure that customers´ needs of shipments abroad are handled in the most expeditious way. Our commitment with the customer is based on the credo that "the customer is No. 1". Cosmeline is constantly looking for ways to improve its viability in the supply channel and to the ultimate consumer, at retail.

We also specialize in the export of soaps and noodles of varying grades to most West African countries [ECOWAS], with added advantage of having the ''Duty Waiver'' from the ETLS